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Mission: To inspire Rockingham County residents and communities to seek better health through improved physical activity and nutrition.

Our members represent local organizations and individuals that support this bold mission countywide. We strive to help all sectors of the community, but focus some projects on those most in need in our community. Be Healthy Rockingham County, NC was initially developed as a working group within the Rockingham County Healthy Carolinians Partnership, an organization supported by the Rockingham County Division of Public Health.

Our current small groups are focused on:
1. Physical Activity: focused on marketing opprotunities and program development
2. Policy: focused on tobacco cessation and development of a food council
3. Data: focused on finding data for better measuring Rockingham County health

Our core strategies:
To achieve our mission, we regularly:
1. Determine the barriers to accessing current resources in Rockingham County. Specifically:
a) Utilize mapping to publicize and promote the current local physical activity and nutrition resources across the county.
b) Identify relevant data to proactively address gaps in the county and plan programming accordingly.
2. We work to promote healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy behaviors in Rockingham County.
3. We work to change policy and the organizational environment of worksites, schools, and other public places to include physical activity and healthy eating, into the workday. We identify promising models locally, regionally, and nationally to implement within various environments.
4. We act as a clearinghouse to communicate about healthy eating physical activity, and healthy behaviors in Rockingham County.
a) We provide/publicize classes on healthy lifestyles at partnering organizations
b) We raise awareness of local events and healthy issues
c) We work to make policy change for tobacco cessation

All of the work we do is ground in our core values:
1. Our work is community-centered
2. Our work is based on a variety of health approaches
3. We will adopt activities based on clear goals and relevant strategies
4. Our work will go deeper and be more sustainable
5. Our work will interrupt unhealthy generational trends, build stronger families and communities

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To join or for more information, contact Rebecca Oakes, with the Rockingham County Division of Public Health: [email protected] - 336-342-8258, OR Jordan James, with Rockingham County Center N.C. Cooperative Extension 336-342-8230, Jeffries-James<[email protected],

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