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Well Program and Water Samples

The Water Supply Wells Program is responsible for overseeing the placement, construction, abandonment and sampling of water supply wells in the county.  We work with homeowners and local well and plumbing contractors to ensure the protection of our drinking water supplies.



As of 2007, Local Health Departments are required to have programs overseeing the construction, inspection and sampling of new water supply wells.  These types of wells include:

  1. Private wells that serve a single residence
  2. Transient non-community water supply wells that do not meet the definition of "public water supply" in 15A NCAC 18C (i.e. restaurants, churches, schools, child care facilities, and medical facilities).

Before constructing a new water supply well, an application needs to be made to the health department.  This requires a completed application and a detailed site plan showing property boundaries, structures, and the location of nearby septic systems.


A specialist will come out to your property to site the proposed well to make sure it meets all the requirements of the State's Well Rules.  Once the well is properly sited, a permit will be issued to the applicant.  The Well Construction Permit is valid for 5 years.  The permit will include a diagram showing the location where the well is to be drilled.


The applicant must give their driller a copy of the permit before the well can be drilled.  The driller must keep a copy of the permit with them during the drilling.  The health department is responsible for inspecting the well grout.  The driller is responsible for the scheduling the date and time of the grout inspection.


Once the well is completed, the driller is responsible for sending their Record of Completion to the health department.  Once we have the Record of Completion, we can do the final inspection on the well and power can be turned on to the pump.


Fees are charged for new well construction permits and water sampling.



The State's Well Rules require that all newly constructed water supply wells be sampled for water quality once power is supplied to the pump.  Once power is turned on to your pump, please contact our office to let us know so that we may come out and sample your well.


Parameters samples include:

  1. Bacteria
  2. Nitrate/Nitrite
  3. Inorganic Contaminates such as heavy metals

Water sample results generally take 1-3 weeks.  Fees are charged for water samples.  Once we have received the results of your sample, we will call you with the results as well as mail a copy and explain the results to you.





Wells on your property that are not currently being used or have gone dry should be properly abandoned according to the State's Well Rules.  They can be temporarily abandoned by having a locking cap installed, or permanently abandoned by being filled in according with the well rules.


Permanent abandonment of a well requires a permit from the health department.  An application needs to be completed and submitted along with a detailed site plan.  A specialist will investigate the well and write a permit for abandonment.  Our office is responsible for overseeing the abandonment, which must be performed by a certified well contractor.  The contractor is responsible for scheduling the abandonment with our office. 

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